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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 6, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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ssz. >> bricking news in san francisco. there has been a shooting and police are involved. >> this is all happening at connecticut near 25 street in portrero hill. one person went to san francisco general hospital. >> we stay on top of the story updates on 7 as we get it. fight other top story exploratorium police are investigating the death of yet
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another san francisco pedestrians. activist say enough is enough. tomorrow activist say they will call for action during a rally open the steps of city hall. latest accident happened on van ness avenue lombard street when jogger hit and killed by golden gate transit bus. 7 news if explains what happens. >> it's estimated that 3 pedestrians are hit by vehicles every day in san francisco. 18 have died so far this year. lori is the latest casualty. the 51-year-old was jogging around 6:15 this morning. when she was struck by a golden gate transit bus. driver making a left turn from lombard street on to vanness. the driver is one of our senior drivers for golden gate transit. he has been with the agency for more than 35 years and he has a very good safety record. obviously distraught right now. >> also shake. she didn't see this accident but her office is across the street and she has
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seen close calls. >> this intersection particularly right on this corner is very con fasting with the lights and the turns of the cars and so on. the cars really whipped through here very quickly. >> van ness considered one of the city worst intersection. 5 of this year fatality have occurred along this busy corridor. advocate group walk sf says the city has done a lot of planning to improve pedestrians safety. now time to act. >> only 6 percent of street count for 60 percent of severe fatal injury a clear mandate to say we can if best 6 percent of our street. >> sf among those pushing the city vision zero. strategy to try to reduce pedestrians death to zero. in the next 10 years. on tuesday voters passed 2 proposition that might help. >> now that we have the voter confirmation we have some 300 million dollars to work with to redesign the street. educate to enforce. >> mayor says 9 of the 24
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planned projects have already been completed. and worn on the others will now accelerate. in san francisco, carolyn tyler abc 7 news. >> we have new details since 6:00 o'clock on crash that may have made you maybe a loved one get home late tonight. all lanes of northbound 6 80 and danville are now open after a rush hour crash. we were overhead. it involved a california highway patrol motorcycle officer. investigators tell the us that officer had some breaken bones but we are glad to say it's okay. we are told 2 cars crashed and then veered in front of the motorcycle officer forcing the officer to crash into them. >> federal agent arrested san francisco man who they say rest wrecked on line drug czar blake seen here on his instagram page with operating and ownsing the site. he lives in the mission district. court filing con tornado the site generated 8 million dollars monthly sales
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and attracted 150,000 vendor and customers trading everything from heroin to lsd for bit coins. at the himself was making about 400,000 month in commission. l this is what visitors saw today when they tried to access the site. federal agents able to make the arrest after undercover agent got a job on the web site support staff. >> voters approved it on tuesday. already major changes are taking place where you live tonight because of proposition 47. initiative russs penalty for minor drug property crimes and within hours passing the the sentences smashed and hundreds of criminals released as a result. >> vick has the story. >> san francisco probably had the first felony case in the state that was reduced to the a misdemeanor under prop 47. that was 9:00 o'clock yesterday when the court door opened here at the hall of jichltz individual was charged with felony crime. the judge found
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that it was a prop 47 crime which is possession of drug and immediately reduced it. >> he figure there could be hundreds of san francisco cases that will be affected by prop 47. ballot measure reduce penalty for drug possession and other non-violent came. san mateo let out more criminals with mr. dramatic number under the new law. >> we fail is 3000 new cases every year. we are estimating that approximately one-third about 1,000 of those under the new proposition 47 will no longer be fell in. only prosecuted as misdemeanor. >> why so much higher than san francisco for that matter other bigger you are bap communities. those city have more violence serious felony. case that is can't be down grided by prop 47. suburban county like san mateo more minor felony that do gulf.
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>> we have a lot of drugs. we have a lot of theft. we have a lot of forgery and credit card violations and things of that nature. >> may be harder now to get drug offender to rehab program. misdemeanor conviction is little incentive for that option. >> to get the help they desperately need that sometimes it's the fear of felony conviction that gets them to do just what they need to do. those whose felony reduced to miss did he mean or skiier in jail but also get out before serving the full material legislative analyst predict that each year some 40,000 offender now convicted of misdemeanor instead of felony. >> police investigate report of sexual assault at off campus uc frat house. anonymous letter from somebody who claims a young woman drugged and assaulted at piedmont avenue party on hall wasn't night. however no victim has come forward. this is the fourth such case reported at off campus fraternity in the past
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month. >> police hope witness help them find a person who shot and killed a man outside a shopping mall today. sky 7 hd was overhead where the victim died at the summerville town center around 11:30 this morning. victim and brother had just left the mall and was in the 24 hour fitness parking lot when blue car pumped and somebody in the car opened fire. one of the victim relative described him being a family man. >> this is the dude wasn't involved in anything. he was just a good upstanding dude. about layout like this is a tragedy. especially for the family and those that knew him. he was well loved. in pittsburgh, antioch. >>reporter: police interviewed several witness this afternoon. no arrest have been made. in the men time fremont miss say robbery suspect tried to bribe officer with tens of thousands office dollars to escape custody. 20-year-old mccloud due back in court on monday. officers claim mccloud offered
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them 70,000 $to fake a car crash so he could escape after his arrest yesterday. back in october police closed interstate 8 80 when mccloud darted across the freeway while s.w.a.t. team raided his motel room. cloud suspected of robbing elderly couple on october fight in jail without bail. >> who the next mayor of san jose will be. tally rae leased late tonight councilman riccardo has increased the lead by 1200 votes to hold on to narrow lead there. in oakland councilwoman if libby is the winner of 63 percent of the vote for process of counting the ballot not yet complete. laura was in oakland today when mayor kwan conceded defeat. >> i am just humbled and inspired by your graciousness t.humility. >> one day after shaft claimed victory in the oakland mayor case she stood side by side
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with the former campaign rival. pledge to work with mayor kwan to build on the city strength. >> i'll focus on again lifting up that oakland brand. that made in oakland brand. telling oakland story of awesomeness to the world. >> we both love the city and i know that we will work together to make sure oakland continues to rise. >> kwan believes she's handing a city in much better shape than it was when she took office. >> this is not the city it was 4 years ago. >>reporter: shaft promised to continue some of the initiative the mayor launched including saving oakland sports team. building the police force and improving public safety. >> big work ahead is continuing the effort that mayor kwan has so able bring begun in making our city safer. >> see this as positive khaichblingt i certainly do. >>reporter: the president of the oakland police officer association here which didn't
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endorse any candidate in the mayor race. >> for the last 4 years we have been calling for some bit of leadership at city hall and we hope with the change in administration that's exactly what we get. >>reporter: as for mayor kwan she will now have seven week to wrap up her work at city hall and move on. >> i'm not one of those mayor that will just sort of good away and leave the city or whatever. i plan to live and die in oakland. >>reporter: libby takes office january 5th. >> are you down in the office nishtion oakland, abc 7 news. >> of busy thursday night. more to get to here. can you afford to send your kid to the university of california? tonight the big new battle brewing that could raise your tuition even higher. >> some crazy weather. look at this plane as it tries to land against the fierce wind. >> experience is here with the weather. >> okay no fierce wind here but we do have severe drought going on across the state. drought conditions all over california
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in my accu-weather forecast in just a moment. >> palm tree prognosis. what is wrong with the newly planted trees on the bay bridge. >> we are female announcer: tuesday's your last chance to save big during sleep train's triple choice sale. for a limited time, you can choose to save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress sets. or choose $300 in free gifts
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>> university of california president nopolitano post election fire storm by proposing series of fee increase up to 5 percent in each of the next 5 years. tuition would climb to 12,000 dollars by next fall and could go as high as 15,000 plus by 2019. 7 news education reporter lee ann has our story. >> governor brown not commenting on uc tuition hike proposal but nors sacramento are. >> governor rae maynes posed on hike to students. increase funding in the governor budget for uc contingent on uc keeping tigers level flat. >> today uc chief financial officer said today that was a one sided deal. >> never was a promise. something the governor put in but we have to look at state funding. >> he says uc allocation not
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enough. state has increased funding 5 percent a year over the last two years. if was ready toen crease by 4 percent over the next two years. >> that's not enough to maintain the university or do more liken roll more students or increase academic quality. >>reporter: few woytion go up 6 12 dollars a year if agreed to. over 5 years tuition for california resident would look like this. from the current 12,000 plus to more than 1 15,000. >> i think we pay exorbitant amount for tuition and should be other way to the do thist >>reporter: uc president told me she was trying to come up with ways to address the look of proper funding by sacrament sacramento. >> okay if we want to keepen rolling more california resident where is the money come from. we could increase tuition or we could i hope crease an ad on more out of
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state students. >>reporter: uc says this hike would not be necessary if the state would increase the funding levels. regent will consider the new 5 year plan on november 19. the uc berkeley abc 7 news. >> san francisco mayor lee put rumors to rest today announcing that he will run for reelection next year. during an event at caesar stadium lee said he talked about the political future with wife and decided to run. lee wants to follow through on initiatives he started like improving transportation and make the city more affordable. >> want to deliver on the promise as we have done on the promises to date. this is personal for me because i have always said when we demand something we will get it done for you. >>reporter: we may face serious challenge for mayor. state senator leno to be considering jumping into the race. poll released in april indicate that had leno could beat lee in head to head match
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up. >> if you were stuck in traffic on the bay bridge you might have noticed palm tree being rae moved. 3 were sick and 2 of them were. sample tested by state al agriculture lab had pink wrought fungus common among palm tree in coastal are area. several tree had it as well. sick way bridge palm rae moved did and will be replaced other 35 tree said to be doing well. >> now check this out. another rope to call chicago the windy city. high wind force pilots to alter approach when listene listeneding at o'hare. rate now all nights face delay of 45 minutes on average. airlines cancel 33 flights at o'hare today. mostly short hall runs. according to flight winds reach up to 35 miles per hour in terms of guchlingts every time i see it if i was on the mane item nerve wrack. >> i would be crying. if i would. >> believe me i know why it's
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called the monday city. even in january when the wind chill factor is mieus guy. i have been there about that time too. it's cold like we don't understand. >> exactly. we don't want to understand. >> not at all. >> it gets warmer here. oh, you be that. >> anti-chicago. >> anti-chicago. live doppler 7hd showing few clouds near the coast tonight but otherwise mainly clear skies but lets talk about the drought situation here. as you know whole state under drought conditions for quit a long time. one month ago 58 percent of the state was under exceptional trout conditions now month later slight reduction in the number down to 55 percent mainly because of steady stream of rain producing systems up in the northwestern corner of the state places like crescent city eureka a getting rain but wave severe drought for many of the remain dear of the statement live from south beach camera along the bay bridge currently 60 agree ins san francisco and move itfeld and san jose and morgan hill. 61 half man bay. lovely view
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from emeryville camera west ward over the bay. 55 in santa rosa. napa 56. petaluma 54. 59 fairfield. 61 at concord and livermore and check out this lovely view of san francisco from our exploratorium camera. forecast feature patchy coastal cloud develop tonight. cooler conditions just by couple degree and weekend warm-up on the way. now pull back you look at the satellite im am here comes cold front approaching. weak cold front and in fact dissipating as we speak so it will not bring us any rainfall. just sweep on through. drop temperatures agree or 2 tomorrow then high pressure ridge rebuilds for the weekend and get the warm-up i was talking about. here's our forecast animation. overnight we see patchy low clouds develop at the coast. few degree cooler inland 80's tomorrow and temperatures rebound on saturday sunday. overnight look for mainly clear sky except right at the coast. by the way full moon enjoy the
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in its full fechltz if when it's half moon is it half full or half em. >> low 50's upper 40's in some of our inland vaechlt i see it half fun. tomorrow the sunny sky south bay high in the mid upper 70's. 74 at san jose. 76 morgan hill on the peninsula we see high in the low mid 70's. 72 at red wad city. 73 mountain view. mid 60's on the coast. pacifica half machine by downtown san francisco 68 degrees tomorrow. 65 in the sun set. north by high mid 70's from santa rosa over to nap a.east bay we sea low mid 70's from he can land down to fremont. inland east bay mid upper 70's walnut creek out to brentwood and here's 7 day forecast temperatures bounce back up on saturday. by sunday owe 80's inland. upper 70's around the bay on the coast over the weekend. great the weekend. good to the beach maybe last one for awhil awhile. early next week
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tuesday through thursday temperatures drop-off. few more cloud and still lacking for the hint of rain i have been talking about last few days. don't see it yet but the cloud give us hope. >> we will take the hope. >> need a series of these. >> thanks. still to come on 7 news at 9:00. to infinity and beyond. news at 9:00. to infinity and beyond. >>
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>> also green army men have made their way that the national toy haul hall of fame. children since 19 38 getting into the hall the cube and soap
9:25 pm
bubble. committee mid of 24 experts including toy collector designers and psychologist vote on the winner each year. >> many may show up in the toy story t.pixar will produce toy story 4. disney of course parent company. john will be back to direct woody and buzz. also directed first toy story as well as the cars movie emeryville company. the film release entered june of 2017. toy story 3 are nearly 1.1 million dollars after release in 2010. >> they are such fun movies. >> really. another 30 minutes of 7 news at 9:00 just moments away. coming up. man who killed osama bin laden. why he talks now and other navy seals saying about his story. >> also. wild ride what happened after he point add gun at news man and stole his car. >> and the most expensive home on the big master
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>> good evening again. now to the navy seals on operation that killed osama bin laden. >> tonight 3 and a half years later we learn the identity of the man who pulled the trigger. or are we. >> martha has the story. >> the story has been drama tiesed time and again. but few thought the real life seal who killed osama bin laden would ever be name. >> the american people don't see their work or know their names. >> but this is rob 0neal who told the "washington post"he fired the fatal shot. o'neal l
9:30 pm
now garner speaking fee telling tales from his time as navy seal decorated veteran o. neal had told his story anonymously in "esquire"magazine nearly two years ago. describing how he confronted bin laden in the bedroom firing it was to the forehead after he said the seal who was ahead of him fired and missed. told the post he decided to go public spontaneously after meeting family of 9/11 victim he is now the second former seal team 6 member to tell details about the raid, wrote best seller under sued name saying he too fired bullet at bin laden. both men have been criticized in the seal community. recent letter to the special operation team which did not name the men said we don't abide willful or selfish disregard for the poor value in return for public
9:31 pm
notariety or financial gym. >> always want to emphasize the team nature of what the seals do a lot of people involved in the raid against osama bin laden. >> 2 of the men on the team have talked. many others on the mission have remand silent including the seal who was the first one to confront bin lade laden. >> martha abc news washington. >> tonight house speaker boehner saying work with us or nothing will happen. news conference since election day speaker pwaiper said the president captain work alone to tackle the immigration issue. balance of power shift we saw this weak paragraphs the american people want republican and democrat to work across the aisle. >> i believe that the president continues to act on his own. he will poison the well. when you play with matches you take the risk of burning yourself. he will burn himself if he continues to go down this path. >> house speaker will approve
9:32 pm
the pipeline encourage businesses to hire more veteran. >> the same sex marriage movement lost first maiming case in federal appeals court today. federal appeals court has upheld state ban on same sex marriage in 4 states. sixth circuit court of appeals on health ban in hawaii, michigan, kentucky and tennessee. justice jeffrey sutton said the court hands were tied by 1972 supreme court ruling that upheld the right of the people of the state to did he finance marriage as they see it. >> decision virtually guarantees supreme court revie review. >> to chilling incident on highway. cameraman filming alleged confession when suddenly the suspect pulled gun and hijacked the journalist ca car. moements moments litter a chase and conclusion. if we have the report from australia. >> flagged down a news van. saying he had a story. and what a story it turned into. first he offers to give himself
9:33 pm
up. cameraman claims he just assault add woman and had the blood on his hand to have prove it. then a change of heart. fugitive grabs the news van. draw what is could be a gun. >> the trunk still open. >> he has a firearm. >> he does. >> more than willing at first. if that i'll do this in a big way. >> dash cam rolling in the stolen truck. if changes end as abruptly as it began. facing multiple charges appears in court on friday >> lawyer for acdc drum the murder charges dropped. new zealand pros can youtor reviewed the file and there was i hope sufficient evidence to support the charge. he was
9:34 pm
accused of trying to hire a hit man to take out 2 men. acdc will release the first album in 5 years next month. >> no shortage of over the top if around cunt try but real estate mogul jeff green has just hit the market with prison tag of mere 195 million dollar dollars. that makes it the most expensive home for sale in the u.s. known as the fv house built for parties with entertainment complex and ballroom that hold twos 50 guests. general vard and parking garage for more than 2 dozen cars. square foot home on 25 acres overlooking los angeles. most excessive home for sale in san francisco is the 7 pwrm home in pacific heats. has indoor basketball court panoramic view and elevator. that one 39 million dollars. >> is that all. >> that's it. it's a sale. >> bargain. >> talking about houses coming
9:35 pm
up next what you are up against where you live if where you live is that written couldn't. >> neighborhood listed as one of the risky places in the country. of the risky places in the country. >> 7 what's possible today? wi-fi access in more places then ever before. all your favorites in the cloud and on every device. a home you control with the touch of a finger. news and entertainment that informs and delights in ways you never thought possible. comcast nbcuniversal bringing media and technology together for you.
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st. >> many if not most people who live in marin county describe it as one of the best places on earth. great place to live and play. or maybe not. did some investigating and as wayne tells us, marin resident received a big surprise. >> another post card of the day in marin county. best known for shopping district and creek that has a bad habit of miss behaving every few years and frankly they are tired of talking about it.
9:39 pm
>> it's only happened twice. it wasn't horrible horrible. >>reporter: but the flood of 2005 cost millionsnow factor inf earthquake. of wildfires. and the high cost of homes and suddenly all the beautiful marin county has earned dubious distinction according to it is the 17th most dangerous place to own property in the united states. >> best in the whole country. >>reporter: research based on statistics compiled from fema and other federal agency. if true would it make own ago home in marin county almost as risky as in forest county mississippi. which was decimated by hurricane katrina. >> how do you live with the fear. >> what fire. well maybe the fear that the forest will not be with them. that in county in which the median home value is almost 900,000 dollars. nearby san andreas fault overdue. wildfire daerping is too high. the floods are too costly. paradise. >> terrible terrible i wouldn't
9:40 pm
live any place else. >>reporter: so said another potential victim facing the imminent threat of yet another perfect day. in marin county, the abc 7 news. >> big day for this little givrment watching her father play for the first time in the nfl. >> gaining bulldog: mattress discounters veterans day sale ends tuesday. get four years interest free financing on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection! and, get a queen size serta mattress and box spring set for just $397. ♪ mattress discounters
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femalsave hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic. choose $300 in free gifts with tempur-pedic. even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice. the triple choice sale ends tuesday, veterans day. . >> governor brown this week won historic fourth term in office. hadn't stopped him from having higher aspiration. today speaking at anti-defamation league meeting he declared himself president of californi california. >> i ran for president three times. the so i'm now president of california. the it's bigger than most of the country that attend the united
9:44 pm
nations. >>reporter: political pundit suggested brown may run for the actual presidency in 2016. see what happens. >> abc 7 thanksgiving food drive off to bountiful start. this is our 23rd year partnering with bay area fad bank. feed more than 780,000 people who go hungry in the bay area every month. that's 1 in 6 of our friends and neighbors. tonight spencer jones volunteers if at the food bank in san jose which serves nearly 250,000 santa clara san mateo county resident each every month. that's how big the need is. distributes more produce than any other fad bank in the nation. the clocking more than 300,000 volume up tier hours each year. 15,000 dollars was do naturallyed to second harvest part of 75,000 dollar donation to local feeding america food pwavrjt you can give where you live by texting
9:45 pm
the word feed to this number open the screen. for 10 dollar do naechlingts we'll be live fromal immediate couldn't community food bank next tuesday. but it's that easy to make difference. >> if spencer has been busy today because he's back here now in the studio. >> gathering food and now forecast. >> time lapse view of the rac racing full machine this evening from our rav top camera. bad moon on the rise. this is full man on the rise. on we go to if mostly clear skies over the bay area right now. coastal clouds forming. tomorrow state wide sunny skie skies. top to bottom. mild conditions in the interior parts of the state with high mid upper 70's. warm 85 degrees in palm springs here in the bay area another mild day coming our way. maybe few degree cooler than today. coastal clouds holding
9:46 pm
temperature down just a bit tomorrow. mild mid upper 60's at the coast. low 70's around the bay. mid upper 70's inland. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. if warmth returns saturday suchbilityd high 80 or before. upper 70's arespect the bay up to 70 at the coast. fix week we get partly cloudy skais and cool down and we can only hope that as more cloud are in next week greater chance of rip develops. >> that's what we have our fingers crossed for. >> nfl star but to his 4-year-old daughter he's just dad. >> that's my dad. >> cincinnati pweping always linebacker still daughter was diagnosed with cancer over the summer. >> 3-year-old was well enough to see her dad play in the nfl for the first time. >> david muir talked with them for the first time. >> david muir talked with them before the big game >> finally there. right into the arms of her father. >> hi daddy. >> cincinnati bengals defensive tackle still daughter lee a.long before he take the field tonight he's fighting another
9:47 pm
enemy right beside his daughter. 4-year-old leah diagnosed with cr in june. so many people across the country have seen this on her way 0to treatment remarkable moment between father daughter. >> i'm ready for today. you ready for today? fu let's do it. let's if go. >> after diagnosis doctors weren't sure if she would survive it. sex hour surgery the tumor removed. without chemo come through and dad inspiring her every step of the way. listen to what he said about her hair. >> we are going to look just like twin. >> no. daddy i want. >> overnight strong enough to make this where the bengals donated more than within million dollar to cancer research selling her father jersey and today dad and daughter telling me about the tea paevrment nfl star who kno knows tea cup and imaginary tea comes first. i saw you had a
9:48 pm
very important tea party with daddy before the big game. >> yes. >>reporter: that's good dad on the big game day to take the a break for a tea party. >> i don't think i'm doing extra. i'm just doing what every father would do facing the same. >>reporter: what made you think to dot fist bump in the car. she was a little nervous on her which to the hospital that morning before her surgery and i know she loves the camera. every time i bring out the camera she always puts a smile on her face. >> is that true do you love the camera. >> yes. >> since she loves the camera we thought we would give her another chance at the fist bump this time in front of millions watching all over america tonight. >> dad ready for the big game tonight. ready to keep fighting. if. >> she is precious. she's arriving at pweping always stadium tonight. they donate proceeds from the still jersey sales this season to the cincinnati children hospital
9:49 pm
medical center. >> jersey generated 1.3 million dollars for the hospital. that's the sweetest story whchlt a great dad. >> it really is. the team helping out. one of the thing things. >> need this more in sports. >> absolutely. the game was kind of back drop. >> exactly right. >> game was irrelevant. we show what you happened but what a touching moment the young lady. if you were running the giants would you give pablo sandoval a 6 year deal? apparently somebody is shaking his head. apparently that's going to be necessary to
9:50 pm
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>> come up tonight at 11:00. women drug sexually assaulted at frat parties. another alleged attack on halloween y.police say their hands are tied. >> plus bay area church leader comes clean after 50 years. tonight his public confession tell and the investigation. >> more stories coming up at 1 tell and the investigation. >> more stories coming up at 1 11:00 over on channel 7 fight on to sports. question
9:53 pm
of money. >> cash. how much for the panda. giants address great panda question today. held a news conference. not a lot of jubilation. more somber than any kind of celebration. we know the junts made offer so sandoval. made it clear they won't blow up the entire budget to bring him back. giants initially offered 3 year deal for about 13 million. that is back in april. if that was before the giants won the third world series in 5 years. panda played great. sandoval wants a 6 year contract extension now the. we are guessing around 20 million a year. once the giants know if they can resign panda they see what is left for other free agent. >> we told them we need time to sort things out. again it goes back to pablo. pablo the only one we have engaged as far as an offer and moving forward in
9:54 pm
that fashion. 4 other free agent know where we stand and how we are going about flushing things out. >> i go 5 years i don't know. >> it's a rare home game. i came quickly in the negotiations. home gym for the shark in the first month of the season hosting the 7 years. hosting vancouver. men in teal. 10 and one. shark 10 and 1 against the canuck. future so brit down there you have to which are shades. tied in the second period. joe look at this. the between his leg an neats miller. one more look at this. that is ridiculous. seventh of the year for him. have been can you ever has 3 goals on 12 shots. against this. nick if snap it in there and canuck leading in the thir
9:55 pm
third. if overshadowed by 4-year-old girl. giving her daddy a wave before the game. captured the hearts of million millions. rough tonight for pweping always. 10 of 33. picked off 3 time. robertson with the interception. if you are turn overs. result in ben tate punching in 4 yard out. had 89 yard rushing in the la 2 years combined. one 70 and 3 td. look out. coach lewis drilled by his own guy. kirkpatrick. hit of the hate for the bengals. from their own coach. within 24-3. 6 and 3 and tied for first. afc north. after a mr. out win over the clippers last tonight. warriors 4 and o and expectation rising fast. if golden state manufacturing the ball arun the court faster creating more good shots. cut did you know on turn over.
9:56 pm
next big test visiting the undid he petted rocket on saturday. >> the tempered automatically for us when we lose. so i don't need to set the stage for. that. >> you last games. >> we'll see. fight we were to lose games. everybody does. that's the way it goes. you didn't plan on. that we know the the rocky road is kochlingt we have the deal with that. green scored 24 point last night. third quarter he hit consecutive 3. on the way back down the court the tongue came out. looked like he was aiming for blake xwriv inbut actually he said he was looking at former warriors teammate 0neal signature court side with owner jay like. >> i wasn't even looking at him. if he was giving a face like. that i was looking back at j o. of course i'm not running around. if modern day
9:57 pm
jordan like tongue wag. become a permanent feature for you. >> it might now. fight i might run with that now. >> tremendous. we talked about rocket hosting the spurs who rested dwight howard put on a personal dunk thon. second quarter. of timy just watching. there points and 16 board for dwight howard. harden. explode with authority. bain with 6 if the 10. fees full of this. fear the beard. rocket roll. head nag saturday. show down with the warriors. college hoop tonight. exhibition action. if i didn't know tell me
9:58 pm
where it is. san marcos much everybody is a median up here. >> i already miss the dunk then wallace. 74-52. abc 7 sports. brought to you by toyota. >> i think down by san diego. but i'll check with my people. >> all right that is it for tonight. >> for spencer and larry who is check with his people. >> all of us here we appreciate you. >> thanks for watching. 7 news continues on lean on the mobile device at the 7 news app. >> we see you again on the big 7 in an hour. have a great >> we see you again on the big 7 in an hour. have a great night.
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
okay, we all know why we're over here. because we're always here? partly, but today bobby's heading off to do his first pro golf tournament in years. to bobby! (all cheer) to me! (clinking) jules, i didn't know that you sponsor an african child. oh, yeah. little omari. he's 10. i got to say, those letters are getting a little repetitive--


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